Redbourn Infant and Nursery School

Redbourn Infant and Nursery School

Long Cutt, Redbourn, Herts AL3 7EX
Headteacher: Mrs Jane Byrne
Telephone: 01582 792341     Fax: 01582 794669

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Our topic this term is "Out and About".

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The Nursery AM Class Governor is Graham Lane and the Nursery PM Class Governor is George Sevier.


man dressed in protective clothing
Afternoon Nursery were lucky enought to have a visit from Sammy's Bee-keeper friend, Les.
man showing chidlren a hive
Les showed us how the hive is put together.
showing the children the inside of the hive
We saw wax that the bees had made.
touching the honeycomb
We touched some honey comb. It felt quite spongy.
children looking at helicopter
An air ambulance came to visit our school.
man in pilot uniform talking to children
After seeing the air ambulance Mr Irwin came to tell us about working on an aeroplane.
children holding tickets
We all needed our boarding pass before we were allowed to board.
girl holding up instructions
We had to listen to the safety instructions.
boy wearing ear defenders
We had a loader to check all the luggage got onto the plane.
children driving the plane
Some of us were the pilots on the plane.
children dressed as pilots
Our Morning Nursery pilots.
children dressed as cabin crew
Morning Nursery Cabin Crew.
children being seated
Cabin Crew showed us to our seats.
children dressed as pilots
Our Afternoon Nursery pilots.
aeroplane made out of a cardboard box
We made an aeroplane in Learning through Play.
aeroplane made from wooden blocks and tyres
Do you like our aeroplane?
children sitting in a pretend aeroplane
We've loved playing at airports in our role play.
checking in at the airport
The children have to check in before they board the plane!
releasing butterflies into the wild
We released our butterflies near the Summer Meadow.
boy looking at butterfly
It was exciting to see the butterflies so close up.
boy holding orange segment with butterflies feeding
We passed around an orange that the butterflies were feeding from.



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