Redbourn Infant and Nursery School

Redbourn Infant and Nursery School

Long Cutt, Redbourn, Herts AL3 7EX
Headteacher: Mrs Jane Byrne
Telephone: 01582 792341     Fax: 01582 794669




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Our topic this term is "Colours of the World".

Lime Class

Click on the link for our class blog.

Our Class Governor is George Sevier.

child holding iguana
We visited St Luke's School to learn about camouflaged animals.
boy holding a stick insect
We handled a stick insect.
a chameleon
Some animals didn't want to be touched!
boy tending to a pretend dog
Looking after a poorly pet in the role play.
children playing basket ball
Good shot!
children looking for coins in the sand
Exploring real and fake coins.
child moving along a bench
Travelling in different ways in gym.
boy solving maths problem
Having fun adding two numbers.
Willow pattern display
As part of Art week we made our own Willow patterns using shades and tints.
children holding wooden spoons with numbers
We are enjoying our new outdoor Maths Shed.
outdoor number line outdoor maths resources

Willow Class

Click on the link for our class blog.

Our Class Governor is David Borland.

children exploring bubbles
We had a Bubbles Workshop.
children blowing bubbles
We had lots of fun learning about and blowing our own bubbles.
girls with their nest
At Woodlands we made birds nests.
children making music
In Science Week, we had a workshop where we made our own music.
children meeting animals
We visited the animals at St Luke's School.

man showing a chameleon
We learnt about camouflage.

albino hedgehog
We met an albino hedgehog.
boy holding a budgie
We were able to hold and touch the animals.
girl doing maths work
We have learned to double numbers.
lady reading a story in Greek
Reading a Greek story for Book Week.
children looking at the experiment
Science experiment with coloured sweets.
number stepping stones
Exploring our new Maths resources.


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